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Our mission is to give each person with a disability the opportunity to live a fulfilling life and contribute to their community.

Read below to learn about some of the programs you can help by making a contribution.

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Special Education

Every child is unique and requires tailored support to develop and grow. Through offering customized educational plans we help children with disabilities reach their full potential.

The monthly cost to provide specialized education for one child, including assessment, planning and transitioning to mainstream school:

USD $28 / ₹ 2,000

Assistive Devices and Appliances

We operate our own workshops to develop prosthetics, orthotics, and postural devices for children in need. Your donation helps subsidize these devices for families who cannot afford them. The monthly cost to support this program:

Prosthetics: USD $282 / ₹ 20,000
Orthotics: USD $211 / ₹ 15,000
Posture devices: USD $169 / ₹ 12,000
Wheelchair New: USD $211 / ₹ 15,000
Wheelchair Modify: USD $113 / ₹ 8,000


One of the most debilitating aspects for a child with disabilities is not being able to move, talk and play like their siblings. talk and play like a normal child. Through tailored physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, we help kids be kids. The monthly cost of therapy is:

Occupational therapy: USD $14 / ₹ 1,000
Speech therapy: USD $14 / ₹ 1,000
Physiotherapy: USD $14 / ₹ 1,000


We provide classes to teach people with disabilities the life skills they need to support themselves. This includes classes in weaving, baking, and craft making.

You can view some of these products on our website. To donate and  receive some of these gifts, click below.

The monthly cost to enroll a child in a vocational program is

USD $14 / ₹ 1,000

Medical Care

Sometimes, children with debilitating physical conditions require medical treatment not available at Anugrah. You can help fund medical treatments and surgeries that will change children’s lives.

Sample medical care costs and household affordability:

Seizure Medicine per month: USD $14 / ₹ 1,000 
Wound Care per week: USD $28 / ₹ 2,000
Simple Medical Procedure: USD $113 – 144 / ₹ 8,000 – 10,000
Complex Medical Procedure: USD $423 / ₹ 30,000 
Hip Replacement: USD $1,831 / ₹ 130,000

Annual average income in Uttarakhand: USD $2,487 / ₹ 176,544

Home Modifications

Often homes lack the accessibility that children with physical disabilities need. We help families complete the necessary modifications to provide the accessibility that children need to be self-sufficient.

Examples of Average Cost:

Per Home Modification (toilet, wash facility, ramp grab bar, wide door): USD $352 / ₹ 25,000

Early Intervention

75% of a child’s development occurs in their first three years. When children do not have sufficient resources during this time, it has permanent implications for their long-term health and mobility. Anugrah provides early childhood intervention to help families, particularly mothers, overcome the everyday challenges of caring for a child with a disability. We provide mother’s support groups, mother’s training programs, and day-time childcare to give mothers a day off every once in a while.

Monthly cost per child: USD $21 / ₹ 1,500

Thank you for considering us!

Every gift gives a family a fighting chance