Learning Centres

At Anugrah, we believe all children have the right to an education. Our Learning Centres provide individualised educational programs based on each student’s needs. This enhances their quality of life and provides real world practice .

Specific Programs include:

  • Special Education
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

Home Based Care

Some children and families cannot travel to any of our Learning Centres. In these cases, Anugrah develops a Home Based Care program.

We create individualised plans based on each child’s unique rehabilitation needs, living situation and neighborhood. Services include home modification, family training, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counseling and medical services. 

Training Centre

Anugrah trains young people with disabilities to improve their workplace behaviors through pre-vocational training. Our vocational program trains students in areas such as carpentry, weaving, retail sales and hospitality, helping them become independent and productive members of society

Anugrah trains individuals and other NGOs to work in community based inclusive development. We are thrilled to be able to share our best practices so more people with disabilities are helped!

Community Outreach

The discrimination and stigma towards people with disabilities is one of the hardest hurdles to overcome. The path towards change begins with education and inclusion. 

Anugrah staff work with teachers in mainstream schools to identify and help students with disabilities. Anugrah also advocates with employers to prepare them to hire people with disabilities. 

Anugrah offers a yearly respite program where families come to stay at Anugrah for 3 days. Organised by Anugrah, volunteers from the local community run a camp for the children. The adults have their own programs where they are nurtured and get to meet with other families who have children with disabilities.

We also support Disabled People Organisations, which are local support groups for people with disabilities.

Medical Services

Anugrah offers a range of medical services to meet the needs of children with disabilities. Some examples include:

  • Comprehensive medical services
  • Reconstructive surgery

Aids and Appliances

Anugrah offers  aids and appliances to meet the needs of children with disabilities. Some examples include:

  • Assisted devices and appliances through our workshops
    • Prosthesis
    • Orthosis
    • Wheelchairs and mobility devices
    • Postural devices