About Us

Serving families who care for people with disabilities is what we do. But there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. We invite you to watch our video.


Our Vision

Fellowship for transformation through caring.

Our Mission

Anugrah is committed to empower people with disabilities to improve their quality of life by enhancing their potential (functional, social, educational, spiritual and vocational dimensions), improving the well being of their families and by creating communities who are responsive and responsible.


Our Values


Wonderfully Made – Journey alongside people with disabilities and their families as they discover the joy of being wonderfully made.


Gracious Relating – Being present and relating with dignity and grace to all.


Cherished – See people with disabilities belong in their communities.


Rooted in Faith – Anugrah’s passion, love and delight in people with disabilities is rooted in our Christian faith. We warmly welcome and care for people with disabilities from all faiths.

Our History

In 1999, Robert and Veena Kumar, who both worked at Herbertpur Christian hospital, became the proud parents of Anugrah. Not long after, Anugrah was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

While trying to find professionals qualified to help Anugrah, Mr. Kumar reached out to Dr. Linda Upadhyay, the Development Pediatrician in nearby Dehradun. Through community outreach programs, they learned there were many children with disabilities that needed similar help to young Anugrah. Mr. Kumar and Dr. Linda Upadhyay started conducting hands-on workshops twice a month, providing parents with resources and skills to address their children’s needs.


Mr. Kumar co-ordinated with Ms. Kim, project officer at ORAF (Overseas Relief and Aid Fund), and wrote a proposal to reach out to families of children with disabilities. A pilot project was started in 2002 with 26 children. They taught parents to care for their children. This resulted in a significant shift in parents’ attitudes towards their children within a year. A second grant in 2003 led to an intervention centre and community based programs for people with disabilities. On September 13, 2003 the first learning centre was started with 12 children enrolled.

Today, Anugrah journeys alongside 430+ children and adults with various disabilities in Herbertpur and surrounding communities. We reach people with disabilities by way of 3 community learning centres and personalised home-based care. We have workshops for prosthetics, orthotics and custom designed assistive devices available to people throughout India.

Our Location

We are located on the campus of Herbertpur Christian Hospital in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. We also have community learning centres in Sahaspur, Vikasnagar and Dhakrani, Dehradun.